The founder of Drafting Victoria, John Rete, started out sweeping floors on the weekends in Dandenong for a well known industrial developer, at the age of eleven. At the age of fifteen, John was spending his holidays cutting cleats and doing basic steel fabrication. By the age of seventeen, John was working after hours, five days a week, in a pre-cast panel yard, preparing panels for lifting the following morning.

After completing VCE, John started work as a trainee draftsman, specializing in structural steel and pre-cast concrete detailing. At the same time he completed a Certificate in Engineering and a Diploma in Business Management.

Working in the industrial construction industry was not simply a job anymore; it was becoming a passion for John. Building on the skills and knowledge gained both on site and as a draftsman, Drafting Victoria was launched in 2008. With structural steel and pre-cast design, detail and erection being a major element of the construction process, Drafting Victoria was launched with a vision of providing a complete package of structural steel and pre-cast drafting services of the highest standard, meeting client requirements and exceeding expectations every time.