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Detailed and Accurate

At Drafting Victoria, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with detailed and accurate shop drawings that are easy to read. We are extremely conscious of the demands of a production warehouse and understand that drawings must be clear and accurate to minimise time spent on interpreting drawings.

Structural Steel Detailing:

  • 3D project modelling
  • Detailed shop drawings (profile, size, cuts & cleats)
  • DXF and NC files
  • Purlin/Strut detail drawings
  • Site cleats (seating brackets/web plates etc.)
  • Installation/Marking plans
  • Administration (project summary, field bolts etc.)

Precast Concrete Detailing:

  • 3D modelling
  • Detailed shop drawings
  • Propping plans
  • Installation/Marking plans
  • Administration (project summary, etc.)

Producing Superior Quality Work

All our projects are drawn to the specifications of the Architecture and Engineering provided. In addition, we work closely with our clients to achieve the greatest possible savings. For example, when drawing steel we take into consideration the number of lifts a crane has to do in order to minimise them. Similarly, we ensure we keep to a minimum the amount of site welding a boilermaker has to do. Also, we adjust panel sizes to suit our client’s standard mesh and precast table sizes (with approval from architecture).

At Drafting Victoria we pride ourselves in continuous improvement which enables us to produce superior quality work, while saving time and money for our customers.